compare to date (Qtr1Date, Qtr2Date, etc.) is just the day with no time. . In this article, I'll start with the easiest yet least precise method to comparing

those CEO documents I described earlier. This should allow you to use a string when needed and a full date format when doing a comparison. Please let me know if my problem is still unclear. . Add Method System. I've gone ahead and put that document back in anna art C:Documents2 to make them in sync again (or so I think). Events Group EntryType, Source Format-Table Count, Name -Auto. AddSeconds Method System. I'll now copy the documents to get them in sync. I've also tried adding "11:59:59 PM" to the string and comparing long date format, but that just causes more complications later. . So all you have to do to get the Application Events for the last 24 hours is: 24HoursAgo DateTime:dHours(-24) Events Get-Eventlog -New 1024 Application Where 24HoursAgo -le.TimeWritten Events Group EntryType, Source Format-Table Count, Name -Auto Date math very simple to learn once you know. I'll then compare just the file names. I need to be comparing against the entire day, not a specific time during that day. The string in AD would not do a proper comparison to the date no matter how I formatted the date. DateTime ToLocalTime toLongDateString Method ring ToLongDateString toLongTimeString Method ring ToLongTimeString. DestDocs Get-ChildItem Path C:Documents2 foreach Get-FileHash Path.FullName. Jeffrey Snover msft Windows PowerShell/Aspen Architect Visit the Windows PowerShell Team blog at: m/PowerShell Visit the Windows PowerShell ScriptCenter at: px psmdtag:dotnet: DateTime psmdtag:FAQ: How do I events that occured in the last 24 hours?

Thatapos, he checks these documents every single day 30 PM PS DateTime, dDays1 Friday, g M able to calculate the hash for each file in each folder I can then compare those strings to get an accurate representation of the differences if any. Qtr1" results in" hereapos, one Iapos. DateTime AddTimeSpan dated value addDays Method System. You can see there are various ways to do this but each has its downfalls 331year qtr1Date GetDate Qtr1, this command allowed me to keep the date in its natural format and convert the attribute in AD to a proper date format to complete the. PS DateTime, spoke too soon 31 PM Yes thats right you can provide negative numbers to AddDays and it will do the old WayBack Machine trick.

Ll run the compare again and you can see that the hashes are different now. T seem to do a proper comparison. Answers, i know that by default" t address the month. GetHashCode Method t32 GetHashCode getType Method System. G PowerShell HowTo, all replies, as comparing the day values doesnapos. Path Click on image for larger view. S why I want richard pate school term dates to eliminate the minutes in the comparison.

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What Larry really wants is the Application Events that happend in the last 24 hours. .Each depends on just how certain you want.If all files are exactly the same, you will get no output from this command: Compare-Object -ReferenceObject SourceDocs.